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I would like to add my own words to my vocabulary list

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  AdminBenjamin Truitt (CEO, Vocabology) responded  · 

    Great idea. I’m thinking this could go in the Favorites tab, but am also considering some sort of social idea so that other people could follow your list of words. Any suggestions on how you’d like to see this work?


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Cute undo button hurndfhrhfurhhrcudh

      • Chris commented  · 

        You can already do this. Purchase the search function for $1 and you can look up and add words to your favorites

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I so agree with you! I was just looking up a word I read for first time and opened up this app thinking it had a search option and be able to add this new word to my favorites; surprisingly it doesn't have either option and it's a shame!!!

        My first language is Spanish and I'm always on the look out for new words I read and hear in a daily to be added to my vocabulary, it'd be so helpful and ver practical to be able to search and add my words all in one app.

        I hope the creator(s) of this app really consider these options in the near future updates for this app; is love it even more! :)

      • I. M. Aginary commented  · 

        Awesome app - exactly what I was looking for except in this one area. It would be so handy to have all of my vocabulary notes in one location - currently I have to have either a list or note app (or scraps of paper that inevitably get lost) to keep track of my favorite words. Another major downside to that is all the phone copying and pasting!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Question for You'all. I bought the SAT in App up-grade. I have 3 Apples: iPod, i5, iPad. Only on my i5, that I made the buy from, do these SAT words appear. I was going to buy more in-App add on's, but will find some else's App & stop doing business with you, if I have to pay 3 times for each in-App extra. Since you market you're App as universal, I must be missing a step, & so this could simply be a case of my on ignorance. Please help... Sincerely, KS Carey

        I originally gave 5stars, but rescinded this, when I found this issue...I also didn't know I need to re-rate your App with each new addition, which is I am assuming why I got reminder pop-ups to rate your App, after I'd already rated it -- now that I know this, if you will not charge me 3 times for the same up-grade I will gladly return your 5 star status. I do agree with adding one's own words should be a priority, because it would easily satisfy so many of your requested improvements, i.e., Japanese word of the day(granted, non-A-->Z alphabets would have to make do with "pinyin" like spellings, but it would still work) this is 4th on the current list. And satisfy #'s: 5,7,8,10,14,15,16,18,21,22,23,25,27,32,34, you get the idea. By allowing others to add words & definitions to the database you satisfy almost everyone, since they can add a word & include gender, specific uses relevant to their lives, phrases or sentences or quotes containing the word...this flexibility, would make you guys the #1 go to App for learning the words your clients need no matter what their particular situation: military jargon, foreign languages, high school or college, law or med school...

        If you want to corner the market& be the top grossing vocabulary App, just make this 1 upgrade to your App. The rest I leave to you (even though I know how to program--write the code), I'm in a medical program & so my time is focused mainly on becoming the best health care provider I can. Thank you again to whomever is reading this. I wish you & your Co. the greatest of success. (It would be nice to make the App fit all screen sizes, iPad & mini-iPad, but this is a nice to have, whenever you can get around to it. The vital improvement I've already shared with you).

      • Jross3114 commented  · 

        You really should be able to add private vocab words you encounter daily. This addition would make a phenomenal difference in learning. It's one thing to learn random words from wotd sites, it's another to keep track of words you encounter.

      • Katelin7141 commented  · 

        I would love to be able to manually add some words to my vocabulary list. That would be great to be able to add whatever word you like to the current list that you are already working on.

      • Jemi commented  · 

        Very good app luv it

      • FederalEmployees commented  · 

        By allowing to add people's own word would increase popularity of this app.

      • Mervat commented  · 

        Very good program

      • SgtKevin911 commented  · 

        I would so enjoy taking a quiz on only the words I Put in the favorite list. It would surely cast out words I'm not interested in learning about and just learn words I like.
        It should be like another option on the App(:

      • Qq commented  · 

        I'm in favor of adding my own words. I would prefer to add my private words to the quiz section along with the daily words received. That would be helpful in expanding my vocab at a faster pace.

      • Teri commented  · 

        No. Please don't let people add their own words. Part if the excitement in looking at your app everyday is knowing it comes from a reliable source. If it is open to adding, people might start making up words. That is what Wikipedia is for!!!

      • Oli commented  · 

        Absolutly it would be great to be able to add our favorite word found here and there. Also those new words could be directly taken from a definition! Would that imply dynamic hyperlinks for every definitions hum...it would be so great!!!! Bonne continuation!

      • Igknight commented  · 

        Agreed, adding words would be sublime, but so would the ability to remove simpler words or words that we've thoroughly memorized. Basically a list of daily vocab words with full customizability would be fantastic. Anyways thanks so much for all your guys' hard work!

      • Shockr205 commented  · 

        I would live the ability to look up a word by typing it in once, but have a search engine get definitions from a bunch of different sites.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We should add our own to help is study!! Then I could take a before test quiz

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would like to add my own words

      • bee balm commented  · 

        thanks, benjamin (for both sharing the solition to my quiz woe, and for being so respectful even though i missed something so obvious). kindness isn't as common online as it could be...much obliged, my fellow vocabologist.

      • AdminBenjamin Truitt (CEO, Vocabology) commented  · 

        Hi Bee Balm -
        The current version supports removing words from your history. Here's how:

        1) Tap the 'history' tab
        2) Tap the 'edit' button in the navigation bar at the top
        3) Find the annoying word you want to remove (e.g. Applesauce - seriously, what were they thinking!)
        4) Tap the red minus sign
        5) Tap the delete button
        6) When you are finished editing your history, tap the 'done' button in the navigation bar

        Hope that helps!

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